Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
The most successful business leaders can integrate knowledge of finance, marketing, management and operations into effective business models. The BBA program prepares students for a full range of functions within the business world. Our graduates can move from a sector-specific role into a broader international management role, possessing the diverse skills necessary to do so.

In Malaysia, EU BBA achieved Provisional Accreditation by Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) in collaboration with Jesselton College, Malaysia.

Bachelor of Art in Leisure & Tourism Management (BALTM)
Tourism is the fastest-growing industry in the business world. Our course provides a solid foundation in the theory and practice of tourism management and prepares you for a successful career within the tourism and leisure industry. In addition to industry-specific modules, our course options will enable you to develop a range of business skills applicable to the wider commercial market.

Bachelor of Arts Management (BAM)
The course will give you a deep and real understanding of the many and diverse processes that creative artist’s use. Students will not only develop a real passion and commitment for the arts, but will also be grounded in real life and be equipped with professional skills.

Specialisation in Interior Design
Interior designers, as qualified professionals, find creative solutions to problem relating to the function and quality of people’s built environment. Interior designers coordinate the design and construction of building interiors including commercial and retail office space, laboratories, intensive care units, computing areas, hotel and resort developments, theatres, as well as presentation environments for boutiques and large scale retailers, trade fairs, exhibitions, museums and gallery exhibition and displays.

Specialisation in Graphic Design
Students learn a wide range of skills, which includes desktop publishing, photography, typography, editorial, illustration, packaging design, advertising design and marketing. The program also develops students’ abilities in problem solving, conceptualization, idea development and visual communication techniques, as well as the ability to translate an idea into a viable economic proposition. It provides a firm grounding in the development of skills and knowledge necessary for a career in the creative industries.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
The Master of Business Administration program is designed to develop professionals in the managerial positions. Students learn many different facets of how to do business in a world with rapidly dissipating borders. Nowadays, managerial leaders must be equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills to manage while adapting to the diversity of stakeholder’s interests. Through extensive case study research, students will develop their abilities in strategic thinking, problem-solving and effective communication as well as their leadership qualities to ethically steer their organizations towards sustainable growth and development.

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
The Doctorate in Business Administration program enables candidates to acquire knowledge and skills required at the highest academic and professional levels. Students will have in-depth exposure in the areas of management with focus on a specialized area. Students will work to further develop their conceptual and intellectual knowledge, and skills in using methodological tools necessary to design and conduct extensive research. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of critical foundation theories and the ability to immediately apply creative solutions to existing problems.